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Streamlining Trade Marketing Operations for Original Brand Manufacturers

Original Brand Manufacturers (OBMs) often face challenges in their trade marketing operations, caught between the demands of marketing teams and the expectations of sales management, field teams, and dealers. This case study explores how Regulator, an all-in-one solution, can streamline trade marketing operations for OBMs, simplifying the process of ordering, distributing, and fine-tuning marketing materials.

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Challenges Faced by OBMs

High Workload and Demand

OBMs in the trade marketing department are often inundated with requests that require ready-to-use sales tools from upstream marketing teams, leading to a heavy workload and potential bottlenecks.

Outdated Tools and Manual Processes

Outdated tools and manual processes hinder efficiency and effectiveness in trade marketing operations, making managing orders, distributing, and fine-tuning marketing materials challenging, leading to potential errors and delays.

Lack of Real-Time Feedback and Data Insights

The absence of real-time feedback and actionable data makes it challenging for OBMs to measure marketing ROI, optimize strategies, and make informed decisions for driving sales growth.

The Regulator Solution

Regulator provides an all-in-one solution to streamline trade marketing operations for OBMs. By addressing the challenges faced by OBMs, Regulator empowers them to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in their trade marketing processes.

Comprehensive Management of Marketing Materials

Streamlining the management of marketing materials, Regulator empowers OBMs to easily order, distribute, and fine-tune fixtures, displays, custom art, and promotional products, ensuring impactful trade marketing across all locations.

Efficient Bulk Ordering

With Regulator, OBMs can efficiently place bulk orders for all locations, reducing manual effort and streamlining the ordering process to meet the demands of sales management, field teams, and dealers.

Seamless Content Organization and Sharing

Regulator provides a centralized platform for OBMs to store, sort, and share trade marketing content seamlessly, fostering collaboration, easy access to assets, and ensuring consistent brand messaging and visual presentation.

Real-Time Feedback and Data Analytics

Regulator enables OBMs to gather real-time feedback from the field, obtain actionable data for measuring marketing ROI, make data-driven decisions, and fine-tune strategies for improved sales growth.

Results and Benefits

Increased Workflow Efficiency

Regulator streamlines trade marketing operations, automating processes, reducing manual effort, and eliminating bottlenecks, increasing your team’s workflow efficiency, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and meet stakeholder demands.

Consistent Brand Messaging and Impactful Marketing

Regulator ensures consistent brand messaging and impactful trade marketing across all locations. By simplifying content management and distribution, OBMs can create a cohesive brand experience, enhancing brand recognition and customer engagement.

Data-Driven Decision Making

With real-time feedback and data analytics, Regulator enables data-driven decision-making, measuring the effectiveness of trade marketing efforts, optimizing strategies, and allocating resources effectively for improved sales growth.

Virtual Support Team

Regulator acts as a virtual support team, centralizing tasks, streamlining communication and collaboration, and providing necessary tools and resources to enhance trade marketing operations.

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