Fixture/Display Order & Management

Take control of your fixture management around the globe with one simple solution.

Allocate - Order - Ship

Launch fixtures & displays into the marketplace with our advanced tools that allow you to budget, allocate, order and ship with precision.

Repair - Track - Transfer

Once in-market, Regulator provides the process and tools to service, transfer, track locations, and keep total control of your fixtures & displays as they live in your marketplace.

Removal - Sanitation - Disposal

When it is time to refresh your fixtures & displays, you need to deal with the old fixtures & displays as you usher in the new ones. Regulator provides an advanced yet simple process for removing, sanitizing, and disposing of the old fixtures & displays at large volume.

Vendor Integration

Connect directly to North America’s premier white glove logistics company, Radiant Logistics. Regulator can organically provide your brand with boots on the ground and strong arms to activate. Not with Radiant? No problem. Directly connect to your internal logistics team or choice of 3PL company and watch your brand move in the market with no bottlenecks to stop it.

Advanced Tools

How can we do this all and more? Our fixture management is driven by a carefully crafted set of tools that, when combined, give you 100% control of your in-field trade marketing assets. Have a specific issue? Dive into our toolbox to see all the solutions.