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Marketing Operations Management

Like you, we love marketing. We live for the days that we get to be free thinkers and exercise our creativity. Unfortunately, that amounts to about 10% of the job. The rest is pure chaos.

Regulator is a specialized ERP platform that solely focuses on Marketing Operations Management. Our holistic environment connects all the data to specific processes that are tailored to a marketing departments needs.

So let's tame the chaos and return to the utopia of creativity. A place where the Lack of control is a thing of the past.

This is Regulator® Marketing Operations Management.

A few common issues you may have that we can help you with...

regulator budgeting


Lack of budget control and compliance

With all the moving parts, agencies, vendors, field team, internal staff - all producing simultaneously - how do you have real-time budget oversight? It is a huge issue. We can help you find out how your marketing dollars are being allocated, real-time.



Inaccurate ROI assumptions

You think there’s no chance of calculating ROI on most of the work you do because the complexity is overwhelming. You’d need to pull information from multiple sources all on a national or global scale. Regulator ‘s fully integrated platform can give you the overview you need to help you ensure you’re getting the best return on your marketing investments. Regulator® will sharpen your marketplace view by compiling a unique mix of infield data that was not previously collected. This enhanced data sets the stage for an ROI calculation with a degree of accuracy that simply hasn’t been possible until now. You get a complete picture of what’s working for your brand, and what isn’t.

data acquisition


Lost or fragmented in-field data

You have collected or need to collect infield marketing data. Once you have it how do you execute a plan based on it? Regulator® will organize and centralize it to keep it from getting lost in some out-of-date spreadsheet. You have a gold-mine of data; you should be using it.

fixture management


Lack of information and control over fixtures in the marketplace

You need to know exactly where your fixtures are and have a rating on their condition. How can you deploy the new versions if you are not 100% sure what is going on in the marketplace? Regulator® will put the systems in place to acquire this data, report and execute with certainty.



Disconnection of brand governance

Are there rogue players on your team? Are they doing their own thing and deviating from brand guidelines? Regulator® will give you a defined approval process to rein them in. Operating with consistent processes, you will have your entire team pulling in the same direction.

vendor transparency


Inconsistent vendor governance

Printers, agencies and other suppliers to your department are doing work in your marketplace, but a lack of oversight can lead to budget overruns and deviation from brand guidelines. Regulator® can centralize, track and give true oversight of third-party vendors.

creative asset management


Lack of control and reporting on actual use in the marketplace

Your brand’s creative assets need to be organized so they can be consistently distributed, executed on, and placed throughout your markets. A stand-alone setup would crumble as the volume grows, but Regulator’s integrated solutions are globally scalable.

production management


Any increase in your teams production volume produces bottlenecks and errors

Managing a few projects is no problem, but as the number of projects increases, that’s when things get exponentially more difficult to keep track of. Whether it’s 1 or 1000 projects, or if it’s collateral, events, construction or anything else that needs doing, it’s all the same in Regulator®. Any project can be set up to be consistent, trackable, and repeatable.



Marketing team bandwidth overload

Does it always seem like you need to find a way to do more with less? Through Regulator® you can automate simple tasks and free up your team’s bandwidth and get back to marketing.



Lost or fragmented communications

Every marketing department uses simple tools like email, text and stand-alone communication platforms. But imagine if your communications were centralized and cross-searchable against multiple variables that make finding communications from years ago is as simple as finding them from yesterday.

  • testimonial
    Hilary Hartley

    Vice President Optical

    Oakley North America, New York City

    "Working with The team from Regulator® for the past 10 years has helped unite the bonds between the sales and marketing teams…. Regulator® technology is fundamental to Oakley Marketing. With this amazing tool we can easily manage the whereabouts of all our displays and trade marketing assets, measure the impact of marketing activations and calculate a true ROI. Regulator® also allows our sales force to be more efficient managing and distribution GTM tools. I would highly recommend Regulator® and the support the team behind it."

Key Features

Regulator’s Responsive Brand Architecture moves and adjusts as fast as your brand. Add a country, language, or sub-brand before you’ve even had your first cup of coffee, and have your team on the same page across the globe. LEARN MORE

By working with, not against, your master database, Regulator® enhances your information by compiling a unique mix of infield data that was not previously collected. This enhanced data sets the stage for an ROI calculation that hasn’t been possible until now. LEARN MORE

Track your market spending and understand the playing field using a system designed to maximize your budgets. Regulator® arms your team with the analytics necessary to spend money wisely, in areas that are proven to give back. LEARN MORE

Embedded Discussions gives your team the tools needed to communicate and solve issues efficiently. The embedded system reaches out and puts the information where and when you need it every time. This produces an environment that makes the entire team informed, involved, and accountable. LEARN MORE

Moving quickly during an activation is essential, but it can also lead to unnecessary spending. Tame the wild activation spending with some planning and accountability. Regulator® allows you to analyze past activation elements and granular spending, and to produce a clear path to future success. LEARN MORE

Regulator® is more than just a digital asset manager; it allows you to collaborate, publish, and activate. This is done while curating your brands image with full compliance controls all in one system. Designed from a brand’s perspective; the creative is always linked to execution and tracked into market. LEARN MORE


From the top of your organization to the third party contractor, what does Regulator® do for you?

your role your role









Running an organization presents you with a huge amount of information. Most large brands have moved past spread sheets to control and report on manufacturing, customers, sales, shipping and accounting data. This takes care of the largest amount of the brand’s data but not all of it.

For many brands, their marketing spend is still tracked on spreadsheets. Regulator® tracks and collects a large amount of CAPEX and OPEX infield data that has never before been collected. Regulator® reports back on your marketing spend and plugs the holes that your funds slip through. Validate your team's decisions to the board with granular information and get sharper and faster with your spend year after year.


Chasing down the numbers is your team’s job. Marketing is the x-factor in almost every controller’s world. The marketing team’s job is to react to market conditions that happen day-to-day. Regulator® tracks all spend on a granular level and give your team optics into what is going on in real-time. Regulator’s® Responsive Brand Architecture allows for the marketing team to create their functional marketing budget structure while maintaining your team’s general ledger structure. Regulator® allows them the greatest ability to operate fast and efficient within market all while you see and organize in real time all CAPEX and OPEX spend within your general ledger.


The sheer volume of logistics that marketing activations can bring are overwhelming for any operations department. Regulator® simplifies the operational marketing tasks by capturing key data points that exist out in the field from displays inventories to the amount of creative assets to be used in each locations. Ultimately, creating significant efficiencies in forecasting and deployment logistics.


Head count is always an issue and hard to grow. Maximizing the team you have is always the go to solution before hiring new personnel. Regulator® has built in time tracking and reporting that gives you optics into the marketing department and how efficient the team is. Understanding the project load on all team members gives you the ability to suggest the movement of the underutilized team members to areas of heavy workload to balance the board. Find pressure points and be able to make recommendations on real data not just hearsay from the department.


From advertising creative to POP the design team needs to understand and see the functional application in market. Art asset control and utilization in market is key. Production costs a small fortune in time and money. Understanding what assets are being utilized in the market will give your team the information to cut the fluff and produce more of what’s needed by your dealers. Regulator® gives you full in market compliance controls with the ability to curate your brands image globally and country to country. Global directive with regional accuracy - why not have it all?


Regulator’s® operational features, from the top to the bottom, streamline your team's work flow. Set up your budgets and organization and start to watch the years unfold. Through day-to-day operation of Regulator® in your department the data points collected start to mount and create analytics that sharpen your view into market. Curate your brand image, validate your spend, control assets and collaborate at a level not available from individual systems. Enjoy simple integration with inter company divisions and valuable third party vendors to activate and control all in market marketing movements.


Breaking down silos between departments in any organization brings stronger initiative alignment. Bridging the gap between sales and marketing has always proven to be the path to better business planning. The last thing you want is to have sales burdened by marketing tasks. Regulator® involves the sales forces at a manageable level not taking away from the task of selling. Once the customer’s data is captured the sales force is one click away from allocating a marketing activation for a specific account. Combining the sales and marketing data offers better insight in future marketing investments.

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