Promo Order & Management

You have enough to do. Let us take the lead and make your life better.

Organize - Catalog - Distribute

Promo product comes in many forms, from your actual product being seeded into the marketplace to a small promo like lanyards or golf shirts for retail sales associates. Regulator wraps all your promo items into a tidy package and allows you to organize, catalog and distribute them to your field team.

Order - Track

You maintain 100% visibility and approval on promo orders while your field team taps into your organized promo selection. Meanwhile, Regulator’s defined process collects the who, what, when and cost of every item.


Detailed reporting on the promo category is now within your reach. Understand the actual cost and use of the items before it’s too late. Over or underspending in critical categories is caught in real time, giving you the information you need to keep your promotional plan on target.

Advanced Tools

How can we do this all and more? Our budget management is driven by a carefully crafted set of tools that, when combined, give you 100% control of your in-field trade marketing spend. Have a specific issue? Dive into our toolbox to see all the solutions.