POP Order and Management

Order, distribute and track your point-of-purchase materials with Regulator's POP management tools.

Project - Order - Distribute - Track

Point-of-purchase materials can drain your trade marketing budget fast! Regulator’s unique structure turns your data into sharp operational decision points. Now you can provide exact quantities and accurate distribution into your marketplace with 10x less waste.


Turning your standard POP into a custom item for your key dealers has never been easier. Regulator provides a start-to-finish series of processes that makes custom item production almost as easy as just pulling it off the shelf.

Recall - Removal - Disposal

Gone are the days of wondering about the location of your smaller branded assets. Let us help you keep your brand image clean with no old messaging cluttering up the marketplace.

Vendor Integration

Organically connected to North America’s premier white glove logistics company, Radiant Logistics, as well as to Powerhouse creative agency 54blue, and print partners, Regulator has built-in service providers that can design, print, and deliver for you.

Do you already have your team? No problem. Directly connect to your internal or choice of 3PL company and watch your brand move in the market with no bottlenecks to stop it.

Advanced Tools

How can we do this all and more? Our POP management is driven by a carefully crafted set of tools that, when combined, give you 100% control of your in-field trade marketing assets. Have a specific issue? Dive into our toolbox to see all the solutions.