Beer, Wine, and Spirits

Streamlining Marketing Operations for Beer, Wine, and Spirit Brands

The BWS industry faces unique challenges when it comes to trade marketing operations. Managing branding assignments, trade marketing needs, logistics, and operational delays can create bottlenecks in workflow. Additionally, the pressure to drive sales and customer satisfaction through retail partners and customer-facing staff adds to the complexity. This case study explores how Regulator, a comprehensive solution, can streamline marketing operations for liquor brands, enhancing efficiency and reducing complexities.

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"Managing our remote field teams presents tons of logistical challenges. The power of check-ins allows us to be fast in the market and maintain a high level of accountability with accurate real-time data. Regulator is an industry leading technology which has allowed us to up our game and has been a massive benefit to our team."

Yannis Karlos

Park Distillery


"Regulator has been a great tool in our belt for many reasons. Its affordable, user friendly, customizable and connects directly to Liquor Connect. Any Sales team can benefit from its multi-faceted portal including discussion tabs, updated contacts, share direct files (Logos, shared files), and events calendar. It encapsulates Slack, Google Drive, calendars and a CRM all in one."

Cassandra Durocher

Cabin Brewing Company


“Regulator has been an essential tool for our team to stay organized and up to date with the market and our customers. It is 100% the best solution to bring our sales team to the next level."

Neil Currie

Phillips Brewing & Malting Steam Whistle Brewing

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Challenges Faced by Beer, Wine, and Spirit Brands

Complex Trade Marketing Operations

Beer, wine, and spirit brands deal with a multitude of tasks, including managing in-store materials, ordering and distributing swag and print collateral, and coordinating projects and events. These operations often become tedious and time-consuming, hindering workflow efficiency.

Poor Organization and Communication

Outdated tools and spreadsheets make it difficult to maintain organization and effective communication. Siloed information and fragmented communication channels result in inefficiencies and hinder collaboration among team members.

Retailer and Store Relationship Management

Maintaining relationships with numerous retailers and ensuring consistent brand presence across multiple stores pose significant challenges. Brands must keep track of inventory, manage promotional events, and activations, all while juggling various retail partnerships.

The Regulator Solution

Regulator offers a comprehensive solution to streamline marketing operations for BWS brands. It simplifies the process of ordering, distributing, and refining marketing materials, empowering brands to overcome common industry challenges.

Centralized Management of Marketing Assets

Regulator allows brands to manage fixtures, product displays, custom art requests, and promotional products with ease. Through a user-friendly interface, bulk orders can be placed quickly for all retail locations, streamlining the ordering process and reducing manual effort.

Content Organization and Sharing

Regulator provides a centralized platform for storing, categorizing, and sharing marketing content seamlessly. This ensures easy access to assets, facilitating efficient collaboration among team members and improving overall organization.

Real-Time Feedback and Data Collection

Regulator enables brands to collect real-time feedback from the field, gaining valuable insights into retail spaces and customer experiences. Surveys and data collection tools provide authentic feedback, helping brands understand customer preferences and make data-driven decisions.

Enhanced Retail Relationship Management

Regulator supports the management of relationships with retailers by providing tools for contact management and communication. Brands can strengthen partnerships, maintain brand presence across multiple stores, and ensure consistent messaging and branding.

Results and Benefits

Improved Workflow Efficiency

By streamlining trade marketing operations, Regulator enhances workflow efficiency for beer, wine, and spirit brands. The platform automates tasks, reduces manual effort, and eliminates bottlenecks, allowing teams to focus on strategic initiatives and driving sales.

Enhanced Organization and Communication

Regulator’s centralized approach improves organization and facilitates seamless communication among team members. With easy access to marketing assets and streamlined communication channels, brands can collaborate more effectively, saving time and reducing errors.

Strengthened Retail Partnerships and Brand Presence

Regulator helps brands maintain strong relationships with retailers and ensures consistent brand presence across multiple stores. By simplifying the ordering process, managing inventory, and coordinating promotional events and activations, brands can maximize their market reach and drive sales.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Regulator provides brands with real-time feedback and data insights, enabling them to make informed decisions. The platform’s data collection tools and reporting capabilities help brands understand market trends, customer preferences, and the effectiveness of marketing initiatives, leading to more impactful strategies.

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