Regulator will benefit your entire organization

Track your teams infield movement and products


When your entire team pulls in the same direction, it streamlines your brand’s image. Regulator combines all your executions so you can manage the who, what, when and the costs of all your touch points.


A clean market appearance with fresh campaign art, functioning fixtures, and excellent market executions enhances your image as a tight, progressive brand that cares about the details.


Details matter to the consumer. Your message needs to be clear and correct to help guide the consumer to an easy decision. Regulator allows granular control over all touch points.

User Governance


Regulator’s process organically helps you rein in rogue players and help them make better decisions in the market under your brand's name.


Your brand uses contracted vendors to take care of many tasks in the marketplace. Have them all report in and get their marching orders from one easy-to-manage platform.


Without a genuine connection to your marketplace, opportunities will flow past you. Empowering your team with process will bring opportunities to your door and expand your brand.

Sustainability, Scalability, & Speed


Every trade marketing execution needs to be economically sustainable. With Regulator's rock-solid foundation, you have clear optics on actual costs, supported by accurate data from past work.


Just because an execution is economically sustainable does not always mean it can scale over hundreds or thousands of retailers in the marketplace. Regulator's transparent processes streamline your bottlenecks, allowing your team to manage 10x the volume.


When sustainability and scalability are well managed and transparent, your executions become supercharged and hit the marketplace like a lightning bolt.

Marketing Budget ROI


Collecting data is cool, but it’s even better if it’s useful. Regulator only collects data that can be utilized operationally. Gathered organically during day-to-day executions, your data is organized so it’s easy to report and manage.


Granular collection of all the spend data allows cross-reporting that can change your perspective, revealing ROI from each execution.


A detailed, categorized collection of your trade marketing spend allows a holistic review of your investment in each retailer against their sales performance. Year-over-year tracking reveals the contours of your ROI.