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Frequently Asked Questions

You bet you can! We are very flexible, and our systems are built to move with you. Contact your account manager.
We take Visa, Mastercard, and Wire transfers. For huge brands on Enterprise contracts, we have a few other options.
Yes, we do, but only after a demo. We are not trying to trap you into a sales funnel, but we believe that the system is expansive enough that you will be as confused as a drunk guy in a house of mirrors without some guidance.
Yep, we do. It is case by case, but we understand the value of helping others. Contact us for pricing.
Onboarding time varies significantly between clients and how much of Regulator they decide to launch at the start. It’s also important to factor in the response time from internal IT departments if they are needed to pull information from your master CRM/ERP. We’ve seen onboarding within a week and out to 3 months.
Regulator is very flexible on how data is fed to it. Data can be sent as simply as an Excel spreadsheet that is sent over on whatever cadence makes sense for your brand or direct integration with your master CRM. The important thing is keeping the format of the data consistent between each update.
For Enterprise users, we will work with you to arrange several online screen-sharing training events for your administration team, vendors and users. Our support team is in place for all other account levels to help with day-to-day questions from your administration team, and we provide online videos that explain each section.
All data is stored on secure servers within Amazon Web Services. We have worked with AWS to ensure best practices are always followed concerning security.
Absolutely not! Regulator owns no data, and therefore we will not sell it. We also do not anonymize and sell the data as some companies do currently.
Yes! These are reviewed and quoted on a case-by-case basis. We have built Regulator from the group up ourselves, and we are continuously improving it. We love fresh ideas.
The mobile applications are built specifically for all the tasks for infield teams such as reps, in- field vendors, etc.
We typically see 100% adoption for all users. This may sound unrealistic for most platforms, but if the in-field team is directed not to circumvent the system by calling/emailing the administration team, all requests for the tools they need will go through Regulator. Once they have started using Regulator for their day-to-day work, they quickly find it faster and more efficient since they no longer have to wait for answers for “where is my fixture???”

Both Excel and Email are excellent for their jobs. But their job isn’t keeping track of data in an organized fashion that can be easily shared and seen by everyone. Excel files get out of date, lost, are not updated by the field team. Email is not tied to a project to be easily found later or is constantly missing essential information.

We have spoken with customers who say they know where all their fixtures are because they track them in Excel. This works well when the fixture first ships, but what happens when someone in the field moves that fixture? Or it needs to be repaired or destroyed. Who updates that Excel list? What happens when the “Excel List Controller” is out of the office and a rep needs information on what fixtures a retailer currently uses. Having a current and constantly updated list is a top requirement if you are rolling out an updated fixture or, even more importantly, need to recall a fixture from the market that is having a problem.
Yes! Regulator is built on top of process, and we want you to see that process from the very beginning to the very end. Vendors are typically the last step in this critical process.
Regulator works with printers, installers, and shipping companies all over the world. If you’re looking for a new vendor who already has experience using Regulator, we can help. That said, in no way do you need to change from your current vendor.
All setting changes within Regulator have easy-to-use administration tools that you can adjust yourself. There is no need to phone us and get a surprise bill later for a simple wording change or adding a question to the checkout process.
Yes! Most information like orders, budgets, dealer data, is all exportable from Regulator to Excel. We find the web and views the easiest way to view the information, but sometimes you just want to go old school.