Content Delivery​

Powerful cloud content management tools your team needs to increase sales.

Organize - Store - Distribute

You have lots of content and information to present to the team. Regulator’s Share Direct is built to organize your files, store them in the cloud and distribute them to your team. Built with brands in mind, Regulator provides all the needed functionally with no fluff.

Share - Track

Some files are just for your field team, and some need to be shared with dealers. Regulator’s Share Direct is tracked and secure, allowing the in-field team to share files with confidence.


Regulator stores all essential information and reports it back to your team so you can understand the who, what and when. Track it all. Know which pieces of your content are most shared and most viewed, and by whom.

Advanced Tools

How can we do this all and more? Share Direct is driven by a carefully crafted set of tools that, when combined, give you 100% control of your information. Have a specific issue? Dive into our toolbox to see all the solutions.