Budget Management

Organically track all your marketing spend with realtime trade marketing budget management tools.


Your trade marketing team spends budget across categories that stretch from giving away small promo items to constructing shop-in-shop experiences in major retailers. How can you track it all? Regulator’s super flexible structure lets you budget your team, events, dealers, and functional groups.

Spend - Transfer - Track

Once budgets are live, you can start spending in the system on standard items like POP, fixtures & displays, and just about anything else you can think of, while Regulator tracks who is spending, who is approving and what dealer your budget is being spent with. In the case of low expenditure or budget surplus, the transfer tool lets you move your funds to where they are needed.


How can you calculate ROI if you have no clue how much you are spending on a dealer? Regulator collects all spending and attributes it to the correct dealer, allowing you to see clear marketing spend to the door level.

With Regulator’s marketing spend and sales data, you can calculate a simple ROI Index.

Advanced Tools

How can we do this all and more? Our Budget management is driven by a carefully crafted set of tools that, when combined, give you 100% control of your in-field trade marketing spend. Have a specific issue? Dive into our toolbox to see all the solutions.