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Let me start off with a fact that I 100% know is true from experience:

Building a SaaS utility is brutal. Your product is never done, and your support never ends. I see this strange trend where big brands are wasting time, money and IT/engineering resources on building internal software tools that fall short of the mark.

In 2022, your structure and processes need to be seamless, streamlined, and sleek, with all components woven together and working in tandem. To have any hope of competing with other brands, you need a system built by a craftsperson who is an expert in progressive marketing and knows all the components and complexities. It is a truly monstrous project. If you are running a consumer brand, please, please, please focus on building a better product, not internal software. Trust me!

From my perspective (the world of trade marketing), the attempt comes in three versions:

This approach is what 99% of consumer brands do. It is unsustainable, creating system fatigue with your team that leads to weak adoption in the organization; messy, dirty data to organize and huge scalability issues for your department.

A few questions to ask yourself:

If you’re not concerned at this point – shame on you!

A few questions to ask yourself:


Consider all the above-mentioned questions, minus the technical knowledge base and expertise that the large CRM and ERP companies bring to the table. In addition to these, ask yourself:

OMG, this plan very rarely works.

As a leader, it is up to you to ask these questions and make the right decision. If you’re going to invest in new software: get what you really need. You need defined automated process, organized operational data, and cross-functional collaboration with smooth pipelines. Don’t build a hodge-podge structure or Frankenstein one together. Having the carefully crafted solution in place will allow you and your team to focus on doing what you do best: marketing.

It’s time to evolve folks…

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