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Regulator® is more than just a digital asset manager; it allows you to collaborate, budget, publish, activate and track. This is all done while globally curating your brands image with full compliance controls all in one system.

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Creative Asset Management

Your brand has built some amazing assets, and now they need to find an unobstructed trackable path to the market. Designed from a brand’s perspective; the creative is always linked and tracked into market.

Your brand has many tiers of retailers, not all assets should be offered to everybody. Carefully considered metadata helps to match the correct art to the correct retailer. A simple automation system keeps your market set up the way you want it. Locally, regionally and globally.

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While most brand marketing managers are not trained as asset managers, designers, printers, or installers, they do have to work with them. Regulator® presents complex elements in a simple publishing format for brand marketing managers to control. The intuitive point-and-click system allows them to further tier and introduce assets into the market and then budget, produce, track, and confirm the final execution on a granular level.


Carefully offering art options into your market sets the stage for execution. Once the order process is done in Regulator®, the production of the assets now begins. 100% transparent accountability brings the execution to completion through the organic Regulator® production system.  


Governance can only happen if the process are fully integrated and transparent. Regulator® will direct and control the flow of assets into the proper hands with ease, while still letting you maintain ultimate control. Understand the true cost of labour by keeping track of hours per job. Customize the approval stages to abide by your brand’s rule set, and then watch the progression of any job with the simple progress bar. Don’t worry - Regulator’s Vertical Creative management logic has you covered from start to finish.

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