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Moving quickly during a event activation is essential, but it can also lead to unnecessary spending. Tame the wild activation spending with some planning and accountability. Regulator® allows you to analyze past activation elements and granular spending, and to produce a clear path to future success with fewer surprises.

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Budgeting and Planning.

Building a event is not a simple task. Regulator® sets the foundation of success by lending structure and operational excellence to your teams efforts. Utilizing the budgeting system in Regulator® your team can structure the frame work and keep it all on time and budget.



So many jobs need to happen to have any event come off with out a hitch. Once you have your event planned and budgeted the Regulator® production system picks up the ball. Fully tracked work that is transparent to all involved keeps the projects moving forward. Set your deadlines and keep them.

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No event is complete without people. Organize all of them. Assign and invite staff into the event to work and attendees to come and enjoy, all within one system.


Once the event is done you can report back on it at any point. Learn from the mistakes and celebrate the successes. Even better, get a view of the scope of work to do the event so you can sharpen your planning for your next activation.

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