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Discussions gives your team the tools needed to communicate and solve issues efficiently. The embedded system reaches out and puts the information where and when you need it every time. This produces an environment that makes the entire team informed, involved, and accountable.

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Embedded Architecture

The embedded nature of Discussions is automatically created from the responsive brand architecture - categorizing, sorting, and storing all pertinent communications. This information is then presented to the users from all relevant sections of Regulator®. This intuitive new way of keeping the entire team up to date ensures that no information is overlooked.


Start collaborating with your team to find the solution and publish the result for the globe to follow - today. Regulator® transparently opens up the lines of communications. Regulator® seamlessly integrates through the iOS and Android applications, email and the Regulator® desktop interface to make sure your team is always in the loop.

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Analytics and Accountability

Information retention is increased when presented to the user in an organic way. Backed with metrics from user sessions, Regulator® presents detailed reports on viewers, downloads, and clicks making the entire user base accountable on brand communications.

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