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By working with, not against, your master database, Regulator® enhances your dealers information by compiling a unique mix of infield data that was not previously collected. This enhanced data sets the stage for an ROI calculation that hasn’t been possible until now.

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Operational Data

In today’s market, collecting information is a necessity for brand growth. Regulator® collects, compiles and manages essential operational data that spans from your national accounts to your mom and pop retailers and everything in between. Collect brand relevant data that allows you to communicate and activate with your key retailers like never before.

Asset Control

Your brand lives and breathes through your retailers. Knowing your investment within every retail space helps you keep on top of your responsibilities. Regulator® collects, stores, and reports back on your OPEX and CAPEX infield asset inventories, allowing you to understand the entire playing field.

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Market Opportunities

The retail marketplace is a jungle. Your dealer’s brick and mortar and online landscapes can have thousands of potential art placement opportunities. Each installation requires specific dimensions and information to utilize the space effectively and to seize the branding opportunity. Regulator® collects multi-dimensional information, giving your brand the power to activate at lightning speed with consistent results.

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Location Check Ins

In-market interactions need to be geo-tracked, logged, and reported to keep everything running smoothly. Real-time analytics straight from the field give a clear picture of how your brand is functioning and looking in the market. Get in touch with your playing field.

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