Travel Industry

Manage your brand around the globe in seconds, not days

Controlling your brand in hundreds of locations spread around the planet can be difficult. Regulator makes it simple so you can do it from your desk with your morning coffee and have a clear understanding of what your brand looks like 24/7 at any location.

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Data Collection

Precise data collection on opportunity sizing, digital art and print collateral is critical for your brand’s execution and growth.

There are so many unique spaces and unique opportunities available in the travel industry, and you need a unique solution.

Asset Management

Track, control and catalogue your in-field assets with precision.

Regulator’s transparent processes streamline your bottlenecks, allowing your team to manage greater volumes. Keep track of your data and economics at every step while seamlessly executing production and distribution, all from one easy-to-use platform.


Keep track of your team with check-ins that focus staff to collect critical data while they’re in the field.

Get visual representations of your brand in market, along with features like GPS tracking, photo tagging and survey questions that will help you make informed decisions, accomplish tasks faster and grow your brand rapidly.


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