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Do you ever get that weird feeling that you could be doing things more efficiently, but aren’t sure how to get there?

We know we do, especially when we spend 5 minutes looking for our car keys every morning. Sure, we could try and remember to put them in a key bowl or hook by the door every time we enter the house, but that relies heavily on us not making any human errors.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a system that just collected our keys wherever we put them and handed them to us whenever we needed them?

The good news is that once you can identify your pain points, you can fix them with the right tools and processes. The same can be applied to your business practices. Unlike the magical car key-finder, Regulator actually exists, and can assist in correcting deficiencies that are slowing down your GTM almost instantly.

Here are some things you may not have considered that are holding your organization back:

  • Are you twisting incumbent systems (like your CRM or ERP) to do jobs they weren’t built for in your marketing department? Are you hacking together single-purpose siloed platforms and merging data in spreadsheets? This creates system fatigue within your team that leads to weak adoption in the organization, resulting in messy, dirty data to organize and huge scalability issues for your department. 
  • Are your sales tools managed efficiently? You sure? Do you have an effective system that manages distribution and economic planning, logistics and tracking process, service, recall, repair and end of use? NO? Don’t panic, you’re not the only one. This can all be easily corrected when you adopt Regulator.
  • Are all your departments working together cohesively, or are they constantly fighting tooth and nail for their individual priorities? When everyone is scrambling to be in the driver’s seat, the journey takes twice as long. Imagine if your departments had a comprehensive overview of company directives with clear lines of communication pertaining to each project. It’s not just possible, it’s doable. Say goodbye to the age-old feud between the marketing and sales department for good.

Think your systems and processes might be slowing you down? We can help. Reach out for pricing based on your specific goals and team size, or just some advice on how Regulator can benefit your company.

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