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Digital Brand Management

Regulator® is designed from the ground up to allow your brand to gauge effectiveness and to revolutionize the way you manage marketing. While most systems available today only follow assets as far as the shipping door, Regulator® operates in-market, giving you total access to all relevant information when you need it.

All Regulator® features can be customized to fit your unique business requirements. Intuitive web interfaces and in-field mobile apps allow employees, contractors, and retailers to quickly and securely manage their own data. Combined with direct tie-ins to your in-house data infrastructure, your users will have access to the information they need to make sound marketing decisions whenever, and wherever, they're required.

Key Features

Regulator’s Responsive Brand Architecture moves and adjusts as fast as your brand. Add a country, language, or sub-brand before you’ve even had your first cup of coffee, and have your team on the same page across the globe. LEARN MORE

By working with, not against, your master database, Regulator® enhances your information by compiling a unique mix of infield data that was not previously collected. This enhanced data sets the stage for an ROI calculation that hasn’t been possible until now. LEARN MORE

Track your market spending and understand the playing field using a system designed to maximize your budgets. Regulator® arms your team with the analytics necessary to spend money wisely, in areas that are proven to give back. LEARN MORE

Embedded Discussions gives your team the tools needed to communicate and solve issues efficiently. The embedded system reaches out and puts the information where and when you need it every time. This produces an environment that makes the entire team informed, involved, and accountable. LEARN MORE

Moving quickly during an activation is essential, but it can also lead to unnecessary spending. Tame the wild activation spending with some planning and accountability. Regulator® allows you to analyze past activation elements and granular spending, and to produce a clear path to future success with fewer surprises. LEARN MORE

Working and communicating effectively with your dealer is the fastest way to an efficient and sales-friendly market environment. Having the retailer help in collecting unique data and verifying dealer information allows your brand to communicate and activate properly, making you a better partner to your clients. LEARN MORE

Regulator® is more than just a digital asset manager; it allows you to collaborate, publish, and activate. This is done while curating your brands image with full compliance controls all in one system. LEARN MORE


From the top of your organization to the third party contractor, what does Regulator® do for you?

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Running an organization presents you with a huge amount of information. Most large brands have moved past spread sheets to control and report on manufacturing, customers, sales, shipping and accounting data. This takes care of the largest amount of the brand’s data but not all of it.

For many brands, their marketing spend is still tracked on spreadsheets. Regulator tracks and collects a large amount of CAPEX and OPEX infield data that has never before been collected. Regulator® reports back on your marketing spend and plugs the holes that your funds slip through. Validate your team's decisions to the board with granular information and get sharper and faster with your spend year after year.

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